Music soothes the soul and here are some of our favorite creators:

The Cure

John Lee Hooker

The Style Council

Bruno Mars

The Fun Boy Three

Dave Matthews Band

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


The Psychedelic Furs

Wynton Marsalis

The Specials

Elvis Costello

David Bowie

Top 10 List – Best “????”

Does the movie High Fidelity come to mind?  Excellent!  You’re one of us!

The thing about Top 10 best lists is that you can never really ever have an overall best anything…that’s if you are doing it right.  Everything is conditional.

I was the female version of John Cusak; cocky, knowing my taste in music was superior and beyond reproach while playing music “wars” and making tapes and doing top 10 lists. Oh yeah, I was a DJ.

But then this post was about music soothing the soul.

That time was all about soothing the soul. Listening and “organizing” was an unconscious form of therapy.  Those lists and the re-listening to see where it fit in the scheme of my life was my way of reconnecting to those times and places that gave me joy or reminded me of a time I had forgotten.  It also has proved to be a grand source of inspiration in addition to be cathartic.

Seize your joy and inspiration.


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